Exploring the Faculty Portal

Written By Evan Kanouse (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 8th, 2021


1. Welcome to the Veracross Faculty/Staff portal! This portal allows you to access information about students, take attendance and record grades, and view other important information. The first page you will see upon logging in is called the Homepage. 

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2. On the homepage, the "Today" section will show you information about the classes that you have scheduled today, if any.

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3. You can view all of your classes and teams by navigating to the "All Classes" section. This is also where you will go to take attendance. 

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4. One of your first tasks upon gaining access to the portal is to verify and update your information. You can do this by pressing Update Faculty Profile on the homepage.

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5. The My Calendar button will show you school-wide events that are relevant to your role, department, or division, as well as any events related to your classes or teams. You will continue using Google Calendar for normal calendaring purposes. 

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6. Click My Messages to view any division or school-wide messages that have been sent to you. These emails will still be delivered to your email inbox, but stored here also for safekeeping. Remember - you will always view and reply to messages in email.

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7. Click Class Schedule to view your class schedule for the week. 

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8. Click Advisor Dashboard to record grades, comments, and other information about your students.

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9. Type in the Find students bar to quickly access information about students at the school, such as their address, phone number, family information, and alerts.

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10. Click on the Add Behavior or Add Comment buttons to add a comment about a student. More information about this feature will be provided to you by your division head.

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11. Let's explore the top navigation menu. Click Directories to view family and faculty directories.

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12. Click Calendars to view the Athletic, Community, and Key Dates calendars, or to view your personal calendar in Veracross. Only school-wide events are stored in the Veracross calendar. All other events remain in Google Calendar. You can also subscribe

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13. Click Employee Resources to view benefits information, handbooks, and other employee information. 

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14. Click Business to view information from the business office.

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15. Click Teaching and Learning to view curriculum guides and other teaching and learning resources.

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16. Click Mission and Strategy to view information about the school, and to access our brand and style guidelines.

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17. Click Social Media to follow GCDS on social media.

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18. Click Lunch to see what's for lunch!

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19. You can always return to the homepage by clicking the Faculty and Staff Portal link at the top.

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20. If you are also a parent, you may have access to more than one portal. You can press the Change Portal button to switch between portals.

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21. That's it. You're done. If you have any questions, please email support@gcds.net.

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